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Welcome to Episode 59!

In today's episode, we will start out by talking about COVID-19 and how Georgia has started to re-open in phases. Friday, salons, and other businesses have been grated the okay to open and Monday, restaurants, and movie theaters will begin to re-open. In GA, we have around 23k cases with just over 1000 deaths. Despite the fact that Georgia is re-opening, we at GVA are continuing to provide Curbside Care and plan on seeing this through for another 3-4 weeks. 

We haven't had very many interesting cases, but we did see a very rare case of inflammation in the chest. Dr. Miller will talk more about that and how it relates to other chest infections. 

We will also touch on the topic of the big cats in NYC that tested positive for COVID-19 and how coronaviruses are common in cats, plus how testing works. 

We will also talk about puppies and how we have been seeing an influx of them over the past few weeks and how very, very, VERY important it is to socialize and train your new family members. 

Lastly, we will talk about the word of the week, Corona! 

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