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Welcome to Episode 75!

We are broadcasting from beautiful Lawrenceville, GA! 

Thanks for sticking with us as we skipped last week. Angel took a short vacation to Michigan and doing a podcast by yourself isn't very fun. She lets us know how flying during COVID is and how it's actually more enjoyable! We talk more about COVID cases in our area and clinic and how we are going to just have to live with it and how we don't think it is going anywhere any time soon, unfortunately. However, we do see the positives it has brought us like staff zoom meetings, curbside service, and our innovative use of PetPro Connect. 

Our Word of the Week is Eupnea or normal breathing. 

Healthy Pet, Happy Life:

In today's Healthy Pet, Happy Life segment we talk about the coronavirus in pets. 

In the news, we talk about our success in our first-ever CARE Fund month! We manage to raise over $500 for pets in our local area. We'll talk about how Waco, TX's Black Bear Mascot had a tumor removed from its spine at Texas A&M. Dr. Miller congratulates Dr. Bonnie Beaver for her AVMA recognization for her work in Veterinary Medicine. 

We'll talk once more about COVID and how some people are so busy they are turning clients away, 

Huge shoutout to Dr. Reiss again for her great ideas and Dr. Connor who had her 3rd child over the weekend! 

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