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Welcome to Episode 60!

In today's episode of People, Pets & Vets, we will try and not talk about COVID-19. Well, maybe just a little bit as Georgia starts to return to normality. Well go voer the stats for Georgia, and talk more about how we at GVA feel it is in everyone's best interest to continue our Curbside Care and not allow the public into our clinics. 

We'll talk more about our #GVAStrong montra, and how we are applying to everything we do! 

We'll talk about how Zoom meetings have become the norm for Dr. Miller's VMG group and how using technology, they can meet up virtually more often to share ideas and whatnot. 

The GVA 2020 Photo Contest has closed and winners have been chosen! Check out our Facebook pages to see who won and keep an eye out on the website to see those winners in action! 

Our word of the week is Pannus: a condition in which a layer of vascular fibrous tissue extends over the surface of an organ or other specialized anatomical structure, especially the cornea. We'll talk about how it is more commonly seen in German Shepherd Dogs, or GSDs. 

Some good news from one of our close rescue contacts, Furkids, is that they have seen an uptick in adoptions through this pandemic! 

Lastly, we'll talk about the Pug that tested positive for COVID-19 and what our industry has to say about that. 

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