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Welcome to Episode 46.

Our word of the week is... Sialoadenectomy! Sialoadenectomy (si·?alo·?ad·?e·?nec·?to·?my) according to Merriam Webster's Medical Dictionary is the "surgical excision of a salivary gland." We will talk more about this procedure and a recent case of ours that gave us the inspiration for this week's word of the week. 

Did you hear about the green puppy? Hulk, the 'green' German Shepherd is making waves, but do you know the real, and kind of gross reason this puppy was born green? Dr. Miller and Angel will talk about the real reason this pup is green and how Hulk will be back to his pearly white self in a day or two. 

Texas A&M is working on a new program called Dudes and Dogs to help fight the stigma of mental health issues in men. We also talk about other pet-friendly abuse and mental health lifelines in the community. 

An allergy company we use at GVA is asking for cat hair! Did you know that cat hair can be used to help fight cat allergies in humans and that one pound of cat hair can be sold for over $100? By exposing people to cat dander in small amounts, the body can actually build up a tolerance to the allergen and ultimately combat a cat allergy. 

Spotify has a pet playlist option for your fur babies while they are home alone. With playlists such as relaxing music to pet-friendly podcasts, Spotify has it all with curated music for Dogs, Cats, Birds, Hamsters, and even Iguanas. 

Lastly, it's almost Dental Month! Here at GVA we like to say every month is Dental Month and offer a compliance discount year-round for dental cleanings. Check out Dr. Amber WIlliams and our Dental video below for more info or our Dental Service Page

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