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Welcome to Episode 52! 

We have a very special guest today! Dr. Mike Wanchick, GVA's other Co-Owner is in the studio with us for a very special episode 52! 

Listen in as we get to know more about both Dr. Miller and Dr. Wanchick from fun would you rather questions to advice for new Veterinary Graduates and RVTs. Dr. Wanchick will also share his biggest television secrete with us. 

We'll talk about our Word of the Week. Proptosis or the abnormal protrusion or displacement of an eye or other body part. 

We'll talk about the Wisconson Humane Society and their bad pet drawings to help fund the center and how some of our staff has suggested doing the same for the CARE Fund. 

We'll talk about Perdita, the world's worst cat, and how she found a home in Tennessee.

The Cuss Collar is a gag gift that takes your dog's barking and turns it in to cuss words. The general consensus is that it would be funny for about 5 minutes much like amazon's Alexa's Samular L. Jackson voice. 

Lastly, we will talk briefly on the Coronavirus and how there is still no need to worry about catching it from your pet according to the CDC and the WHO. 

Dr. Wanchick also wants to give a shout out to his parents in hopes they become weekly listeners! Our goal is to also get Dr. Wanchick on more episodes of People, Pets & Vets since we had so much fun this time around! 

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