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Welcome to Episode 48.

In today's episode, we will start out by talking about the Coronavirus. Did you know the Coronavirus is a common intestinal infection we see in pets? Dr. Miller and Angel will talk more about this newly emerging virus as well as the Flu! 

Our word of the week is... Rhinorrhea! Rhinorrhea is the medical term for a copious amount of nasal discharge. Thank you to Dr. Hines for bringing us the word of the week after her child was diagnosed with Rhinorrhea late last week. 

It is officially Dental Month! We'll talk about dental month and also our Stage 4 Periodontal Disease Video we shot last week. You can find said video below, it does contain footage from an actual surgery, so viewer discretion is advised. We will also talk about our Dental discount, but remember, we at GVA feel every month is Dental Month, so we offer a year-round $50 compliance discount, that means if your doctor reccomends a dental at your next visit and you book that same day, you get $50 off. *We can not combine our Dental Month and Compliance Discount*  

We will also talk a bit about declawing cats and the new PETA ad featuring Ozzy Ozborne. 

Lastly, we will talk about the University of Wisconson College of Veterinary Medicine and their Super Bowl ad to help bring awareness to pet cancer, and as a tribute to the team of veterinary professionals that saved Scout's life! The ad can be seen below!

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