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Welcome to Episode 42.

~  Merry Christmas ~ Happy Hanukkah ~ Joyous Kwanzaa ~

And whatever else you may be celebrating this season! -Everyone at GVA

In today's episode, we will talk about the many gifts we as a clinic have received, from candy and sweets to popcorn and apples! 

Our Case of the week / Word of the week is Pyometra. The ACVS's definition of Pyometra is "an infection of the uterus that may occur in dogs and cats making the pet very ill." We actually had a case yesterday and wanted to go into more details about this very preventable yet very dangerous medical condition. We've attached the video below- watch at your own risk! 

This will lead us into a discussion about vaccine and wellness clinics versus fully-fledged animal hospitals like us. What differences in price actually mean and what Dr. Miller's take is!

Lastly, we will talk briefly about pet insurance and how one of our clients absolutely swears by it! 

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