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Dr. Brad Stephens

Veterinarian at Russell Ridge Animal Hospital
Dr. Brad Stephens Veterinarian at Russell Ridge Animal Hospital

Dr. Brad Stephens was born in Chattanooga, TN and grew up in the North Georgia area. He graduated from the University of Georgia College of Veterinary Medicine with the class of 2005. Dr. Stephens completed an internship at Purdue University and Northeast Indiana Veterinary Emergency and Specialty Hospital. He also worked as the Allen county ASPCA shelter veterinarian in Ft. Wayne, IN during his internship. After completing the internship he took a residency position at NE Ohio Internal Medicine Associates where he received extensive training in all facets of veterinary internal medicine. He returned home to North Georgia in February 2007 and worked with a busy small animal hospital. Dr. Stephens moved to Lawrenceville in March 2015 and worked in a 24 hour emergency clinic. A desire to return to the improved quality of life and friendship of clients brought him to Russell Ridge Animal Hospital in January 2016.

Dr. Stephens has a strong interest in internal medicine: particularly infectious diseases and endocrine disease, and also enjoys performing surgeries. 

Dr. Stephens and his wife, Casey, share their home with their 2 daughters, 5 dogs, and 4 cats. They also have one horse that lives at a local stable.

Dr. Stephens practices primarily at the Russell Ridge location. 



I love this place and so does my dog. After a horrendous experience with UGA veterinary teaching hospital, Dr. Stephens came to the rescue! He not only was able to figure out what was going on with my dog (who was dealing with medicinal complications from treatment of an extremely serious, very rare and often fatal disease) via a phone call, but he was thankfully able to rectify the mistakes made by UGA and was able to save my pups life. If left in UGAs care my dog would be dead. The staff is very attentive and friendly. My dog knows more staff there than I do and they all come over to say hello to him. If you're looking for a great place open 7 days a week with excellent service, I highly recommend this place more specifically I truly recommend Dr. Stephens. I swear the man is like the Dr. House of veterinary medicine!


I moved to the area from out of state two years ago and found this practice and specifically Dr. Stephens through google reviews online. Like most pet owners, I am extremely picky when it comes to who cares for my fur-babies. The staff, client service, care and compassion that they show towards me and both of my dogs is second to none. The prices are a little higher than some other places in the area, but the quality of care that your pets receive makes it worth every penny. I wouldn't trust any other veterinary team with my pets. Definitely give them a try.

Lauren S.

Russell Ridge Animal Hospital continually impresses me! I have been there a few times the past couple months with my puppy Honey having kennel cough and seizures, and they have all been so helpful with getting her better. They have great communication, and they even sent a sweet handwritten card wishing us that Honey feels better soon. Dr. Brad Stephens is very professional, and he answers all of my questions without seeming annoyed or anything (because I can ask a lot of questions haha). I just love this place, and I would recommend it to anyone!