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Grooming Release and Instructions Form

Submitting this form does not mean your grooming reservation is confirmed. Please use our Appointment Request form and a member of our staff will reach out and confirm your pets grooming appointment.

To ensure that your pet's grooming experience is as pleasant as possible and to make sure that we style him/her to your liking, please read and fill out the following:

For a safe and pleasant grooming experience, we would like to make you aware of the following Groom Shoppe policies:

Vaccines/Fecal Test - Rabies, distemper/parvo, canine influenza and bordetella must be current within the last year. A fecal test for internal parasites must also be current within the last year.

Parasites - Any pet entering the facility with fleas, ticks, or intestinal parasites will be treated by the veterinarian on duty to ensure our environment remains safe for all animals on the premises. The pet owner is responsible for the cost of this treatment.

Matted Coats - Pets with matted coats require extra attention during their grooming experience. Depending on the severity of the mats, your groomer may add an additional fee for the time it takes to properly comb the mat out. In some cases, part or all of your entire pet's coat may need to be shaved due to matting. Please be aware that skin conditions and lesions often exist under matted coats, and the mats may even harbor parasites. If this is the case the Groom Shoppe will treat your pet (at owner's expense) for the parasites.

Equipment - The Groom Shoppe is committed to the safest grooming experience possible for each pet we see. However, grooming requires the use of scissors and other cutting instruments, and such use may result in injury if a pet moves suddenly. The groomer or the Groom Shoppe will not be held responsible for injuries that occur during grooming.

Sedation - On occasion, a pet that needs grooming finds the process stressful. We may ask or require your pet to be sedated for their safety and well being, as well as the safety of our staff.

Medical Emergencies - Should a medical emergency occur that involves your pet, the veterinarian on duty will treat the condition immediately. Every effort will be made to contact the pet owner in this instance. All costs involved are the responsibility of the pet owner.