We Are An AAHA Accredited Hospital, but What Does That Mean?

We are an AAHA accredited hospital, but what does that even mean?

This accredited is actually something we take a lot of pride in as only about 12 - 15% of Veterinary Practices hold this honor. The accreditation means we, as a group of hospitals, voluntarily choose to be evaluated on over 900 standards of veterinary excellence, above and beyond standard state licensing requirements. Veterinary hospitals accredited by AAHA must demonstrate an exceptional level of medical care and client service and they are re-evaluated every three years to make sure they are keeping up with industry updates.

AAHA accreditation means...

Being thorough means that every time we see a patient for a sick exam or their yearly wellness, they receive a full nose to tail exam. This includes assessments of all body systems such as the heart, lungs, eyes, ears, and mouth. These extensive exams help our Doctors create a complete picture of each and every patients health and well being.

Being responsive means that we as a hospital are prepared for anything and everything that may come our way. From emergencies that walk-in to our clinics to making sure we are always stocked on the most important supplies. This simple aspect could mean life or death for a patient when time is of the essence.

Being sanitary means that we actively fight to stop the spread of infections wth in our hospitals. From keeping our surgical suites and tools clean for each and every procedure to simply washing hands. Small things often make a huge difference when stopping the spread of infections with in practices. 

Being safe means that all of our staff are trained how to respond to animals. Comfort and safety are our main concerns. We strive to make each and every visit to our practice calm and as stress free as possible for our patients. 

For more information on AAHA and what standards and guidelines we as a group of hospitals follow, head on over to the AAHA website here or on our own GVA website here!