Reasons to Adopt a Senior

November is Adopt a Senior Month. Seniors get overlooked a bit at shelters and end up never leaving once they are surrendered. It's a sad reality but one we hope with education and a bit of compassion we can change! 

“Saving one dog will not change the world, but surely for that one dog, the world will change forever.” -Karen Davison

Senior pets are already housebroken and often much calmer. 

Senior PetsWhen you adopt a senior, 99.9% of the time they are already housebroken. Meaning you don't have to worry about pee soaked rugs or not being able to make it the night without an accident. Puppies require a lot of time to house train meaning you are home all day or up all night. With a senior pup, you can be out of the house and not worry about coming home to a mess. On top of being housebroken, seniors are normally much calmer. Meaning they are happy to just relax and live out their days in comfort. They require less exercise and are just as happy binge-watching that new show as you are. 

There are no surprises. 

When you adopt a senior, you already know how big they are going to get and what their personality will be. You know if they'll shed or if they do well with other pets and kids. With seniors, if they have a chronic condition you'll know. You can treat the problem without having to figure out the problem first. With many chronic diseases in puppies, they take time and money to diagnose on top of the cost to treat and/or medicate. With seniors, all the guesswork is out of the way and you can get right into treatment if needed. 

Age doesn't mean automatically mean they will have health issues. 

Just like with people, modern medicine has made it so pets and people live much longer, healthier lives. Puppies can develop health issues early in life and others may not. It's the same with seniors except when you adopt a senior you are already aware of any health issues so you can plan ahead. 

They make great first pets.

Because seniors are so laid back and require a lot less work than puppies, they can be a much better option for first-time dog parents. You can learn the ropes with a pet who isn't so needy. They fit great with almost every type of home life and don't mind being alone while you are at work, or out for drinks. 

They are most likely already trained. 

Even if a senior has no formal training, being around humans for so long, they will pick up how to interact with you and what certain words mean. Unlike the old saying, 'you can't teach an old dog new tricks' studies have found that some seniors are actually very fast learners and will adapt to a new home very quickly. 

It's a feel-good move that helps a pet in need. 

We all want to be the hero and when you adopt a senior dog you are literally saving their life and giving them a loving home to spend out their golden years. Despite the fact that you'll have less time with your new furbaby, the time will be even sweeter. 

Senior Pets



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