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Veterinary Technician - Hamilton Ridge

GVA is a company that embodies courtesy over efficiency in our daily interaction with co-workers and clientele. All positions awarded within GVA come with an expectation of excellence, respect, proficiency, dedication, and an inherent love for the human-animal bond. We are a privately-owned group of small animal hospitals in the North Metro-Atlanta area. The vision of GVA is to be the premier group of small animal hospitals in Georiga, offering unparalleled client service and cutting-edge veterinary care to pets.

Hamilton Ridge Animal Hospital (Hamilton Ridge or HRAH) is a multi-doctor practice located in Lawrenceville, Georiga and is a member hospital of Georgia Veterinary Associates (GVA). Hamilton Ridge is open 6 days a week and has an excellent support staff, including multiple RVTs. HRAH is well equipped with digital imaging modalities, including ultrasonography, digital x-ray for dentistry and general imaging.

The primary function of the GVA Veterinary Technician is to assist the DVM staff in the delivery of veterinary assistance to patients and their owners. Working under the direct supervision of the attending veterinarian, the technician is responsible for ensuring that quality veterinary care is provided with GVA standards employed.

The Veterinary Technician is responsible for carrying out any task as directed by the attending veterinarian, which may include, but is not limited to, the following:

1. Examination room assistance
2. Pre-examination procedures including weighing the animal and recording weight on
treatment records, and taking TPR, medical history, and recent complaint.
3. Animal restraint, as necessary.
4. Animal injections under supervision.
5. Admission and discharge procedures.
6. Surgical Assistance
7. Cleaning, packing, and autoclave of all surgical instruments after use, and maintain proper
inventory in surgery.
8. Taking and processing radiographs.
9. Assist receptionists when necessary, and assume those duties in an absence.
10. Ensure that all patients are clean and dry
11. Perform routine lab tests including but not limited to blood counts, U/A, blood glucose,
fungal cultures, and fecal centrifugation as ordered by the DVM.
12. Assist in administration of anesthetics, and monitor patients during surgery and recovery
13. Properly and legibly record treatment in records
14. Maintain appropriate inventory levels for medical supplies
15. Dental Cleanings
16. Preparation of examination room

Skills Required: 

Computer literacy, the capability to lift 40lbs alone, interact with and restrain animals, work a minimum of 4 hours standing only, basic math skills (addition, subtraction, multiplication, and division). 

The Veterinary Technician must have knowledge of outpatient procedures, Inpatient procedures, hospital protocols, surgery, dentistry, radiology, medications, animal restraint, and sanitation and sterilization.

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